The Cumshaw Chronicles. Bitches. Heel Girl

saint laurent tribute image via. NORDSTROM

 Back in college I was that girl who always wore heels out no matter what.

It’s snowing and icey out and I’ve helped to drink half that handle? Who cares. 

I have 25 bags to carry and a good twenty minute hike to the subway? So what.

Then, slowly but surely the heels started to fade away. By the end of the night I’d be the girl with no shoes on walking around the streets of Manhattan, which is foul. I gave up on heels, making new friends with the flat and the wedge. Everything was copasetic until I worked for my previous boss.

This woman had the additude and swagger that could rival any of the fiercest drag queens and held it all within her petitie size zero body, that birthed three children, as she walked confidently each day in her sky high heels.

I’d watch her get ready for the supermarket as if she were attending a big event. At first, I’ll admit I mocked her. It seemed like an awful amount of effort for picking up milk and veggies.

When I thought about it more  began to admire her. Sure, her style wasn’t mine yet she still maintained it, even while being a mother and a business owner. That’s fierceness at it’s best.

Why? As individuals it’s important to have a personal style. When you’re feeling low you still buck up and put your best face forward. You stand tall and command respect as you give it.

I started to think more about how I present myself consistently. Then I threw out about seventy five percent of my wardrobe. Why? Most of it didn’t flatter me and I didn’t wear it.

After that I reconsidered my relationship with heels. Sure most times it’s not practical for me as I tend to be zipping and litterally running around everywhere. Also, somehow, someway once I week I usually find myself in some sort of trouble that requires me to run. Flats are best for this.

Yet, heels are incredibly sexy and just do something amazing for your legs. Maybe I thought, once in a while I could wear them on a calm evening out, where I keep my mouth shut and just act like a lady.


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