The Cumshaw Chronicles. The National

thenational. 6.4.13 lupos

image via. seventy7Q

The National and I have a wealth of history.If I were the type to be a groupie they’d be my first and only go to.

It’s amazing to have that connection with art on any medium. It can help you to sink into those incredible lows and flush it all out, because you have a sense of understanding you’re not alone.

Seeing the National last night at Lupo’s Heart Break Hotel (which if you’re ever in Prov is amazingly gorgeous little venue), was a phenomenal little happy birthday to myself. I made some new friends and oh by the way when Mr. Berninger came into the crowd and walked right by me singing Mr. November (below), I felt like I was 12 again with a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

In all it was amazing. Merci Beaucoup


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